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What’s New !!! Salesforce Summer 19 Release

Currently, Summer’19 release is available under the pre-release program. On the 3rd and 4th of May, Sandboxes will be upgraded; as a result, your organization will get the look and feel of Summer’19 releaseIn this release, you will find lots of new features, as well as, new enhancements related to Lightning Experience, Lightning Flow, Lightning Web Component, Apex, Communities, and APIs.

Key Dates & Milestones

18th April – Sign up for a Pre-release Org and check out the new features!

22nd April – The release notes are announced. Read about every new feature or change in the Summer ’19 release.

3rd/4th May – Sandbox preview starts

3rd May – Check out the release preview site. Learn about the top 5 features for each cloud.

3rd May – Complete the release Trailhead badge and learn about the features released.

7th MayRelease overview deck and release feature matric are unleashed.

May 17th/June 7th/June 14th – Summer ’19 is released!


Lightning Turn ON!

Lightning is getting switched on for all Org’s in Winter ’20 (October 2019). This means that although you will still be able to work in classic, Lightning will be turned on as a critical update and therefore heavily encourages you to transition by this date.

Freebie Alert, Salesforce Survey

Salesforce Surveys was released around a year ago and let Salesforce users send out surveys to their customers and users. This allowed functionality that updated Salesforce records as responses were recorded. Previously Salesforce Surveys will require a creator, however, they are now being made free to send. Makes you wonder, if you should always be the first?

iPad Pro with Salesforce Lightning? About time!

Access Lightning Experience from Safari on iPad Devices (Beta): – Now you and your sales reps have the ability to run the full desktop version of Lightning Experience on your iPad device when you’re away from your desktop or laptop.

To enable it, navigate to Setup (Gear Icon) | Setup | Apps | Mobile Apps | Lightning Experience on iPad Browsers (Beta).

Case merger (without Apex Trigger!)

Merge Cases into a Single Record (Beta): – If you have duplicate cases or cases that you want to merge into a single case, you can now merge two or three cases into one master record. When you merge cases, the master record is updated with your chosen field values. Most related lists, feed items, and child records are merged into the master record.

The master record keeps the Chatter feeds, your values for read-only and hidden fields (except Created Date and Created By), related items, and security.

Choose from Two Record View Options

Choose between the current view – now called Grouped view – and the new Full view. The full view displays all details and related lists on the same page.

Celebrate the little win! 

With the Summer’19 release, you can now have a confetti celebration once an Opportunity sales path hits a certain stage. You can set the celebration to fire off at any stage, and also choose the frequency of this. Maybe birthday cake next?



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