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What’s Apex in Salesforce? | The Developer Information


What’s Apex?

The Apex programming language is an object-oriented, strongly typed language much like Java, permitting programmers to execute their code on Salesforce servers. It makes use of syntax that resembles Java and acts like database saved procedures. This part permits programmers to implement logic to most system occasions, together with button clicks, associated report updates, and Visualforce pages. Internet providers and triggers on objects, LWCs, and aura parts are often used to provoke its codes. 

As a language, Apex is: 

  • Built-in: This part helps widespread Lightning Platform idioms, resembling: 
  • Knowledge manipulation language (DML) calls, like INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE, which embody Dml Exception dealing with.  
  • Object queries, resembling SOQL, and object searches, resembling SOSL, that return lists of sObject data. 
  • Utilizing Apex shops to create customized public API calls. A number of data will be processed in bulk utilizing looping 
  • The locking of syntaxes prevents conflicts with report updates throughout execution. 
  • Apex strategies might be used to construct customized public API calls. 
  • Customers obtain warnings and errors once they try to edit or delete customized objects or fields 

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Straightforward to Use: In Apex, variables and expressions are saved and manipulated like within the Java programming language, whereas blocks and conditional statements are expressed as blocks and statements, loops as objects, and arrays as arrays. When introducing new parts, it makes use of syntax and semantics which can be straightforward to grasp and encourages the environment friendly use of Lightning Platform. On this manner, it produces codes which can be each concise and simple.

Knowledge targeted: The Apex programming language is used to string collectively a number of queries and DML statements on the Salesforce server in an analogous manner that database-stored procedures are used to string collectively a number of transaction statements. 

Rigorous: In contrast to different languages that depend on robust typing, Apex makes use of direct references to schema objects together with object and area names. If any of those references usually are not legitimate, Apex fails shortly at compile time. It shops all customized fields, objects, and class dependencies in metadata to forestall them from being deleted whereas Apex code is energetic. 

Hosted: The Lightning Platform interprets, executes, and controls Apex utterly. 

Multi-Tenant Conscious: Equally, to the remainder of the Lightning Platform, Apex runs in a multitenant surroundings, which implies it comprises a runaway code prevention system which prevents runaway code from monopolizing shared sources. If the Code violates the bounds will throw an error message that’s straightforward to grasp. 

Straightforward to check: Apex supplies built-in assist for creating and operating unit assessments. You possibly can see from the take a look at outcomes which components of your code are roofed, and which might be extra environment friendly. Earlier than any platform improve, Salesforce ensures that every customized Apex code works by conducting all unit assessments. 

Versioned: The API model will be saved in opposition to totally different variations of your Apex code. This lets you keep your behaviour. There are 5 variations of Apex out there: Efficiency Version, Limitless Version, Developer Version, Enterprise Version, and 


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