Salesforce | What are Apex Fundamentals? A Information in 2023



The first languages required to know in salesforce are: – 

  1. Apex – It’s used to jot down the enterprise logic or we will say it’s used to jot down the controller. It’s much like JAVA. 
  2. Visible pressure – It’s used to construct/create a customized UI (Person Interface), It’s much like HTML. 
  3. Lightning – It’s also used to develop UI and it’s a framework that’s used to offer a greater consumer interface to finish customers it’s cellular responsive as effectively. 

 Apex Fundamentals 

Apex is a strongly typed (it means now we have to declare each variable with a specific information sort) object-oriented programming language which is a proprietary language developed by to permit us to jot down the code that executes on the platform.  

The fundamental options of Apex are:

Linked to the Database

Not like java, apex doesn’t should make a reference to the database and fireplace a question after which get the end result to work together with code written in it. As an alternative, it’s already built-in with the database. 

So, all now we have to do is simply write the question in [ // code ] and it’ll robotically return the outcomes from the database. 

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Simple to Check 

Apex supplies its personal testing framework which permits us to check the code with the assistance of check courses and unit check instances. 

Multi-tenant Atmosphere 

An apex multitenant setting is used which implies that a standard utility for a number of teams or shoppers is used similar to a number of shoppers utilizing the identical server however the information of 1 shopper is safe and remoted from different teams. 

An apex class is saved with any API model then it is going to be executed with the identical API model even when upgrades are made or new variations arrive. 

Case-insensitive Language 

Apex works as a case-insensitive language. 

When to Use Apex? 

  • Apex is used when now we have to carry out some enterprise processes that aren’t supported by workflows or course of builders or flows. 
  • To carry out advanced validation over a number of objects. 
  • To create net service and electronic mail companies. 
  • For transactions and rollback. 

Apex Datatype 

  • Primitive – Integer, Boolean, string, Date and many others. 
  • sObject – generic or particular e.g. Account. 
  • Assortment – record, set, map. 

Apex Courses 

Person-defined and system provided 

Person-defined instance 

public class democlass {

Apex Class Constructor 

public class democlass { 
    public democlass(){ 
        system.debug('I'm in constructor'); 

Apex Class Technique 

public class democlass { 
    Boolean b; 
    public void methoddemo(){ 
        system.debug('I'm in methodology'); 
        system.debug('b =' + b); 

Particular sObject 

Account a = new Account(); 



insert acc; 

MyObj__c obj = new MyObj__c(); 

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Generic sObject 

In generic it’s made with regards to the precise sObject similar to 

sObject sobj1 = new Account(Title = ‘Check’); 

sObject sobj2 = new MyObj__c (Title = ‘Check’); 

Casting generic sobject to particular sobject 

  • Account acc =(Account) sObj1; 

We can’t entry the fields of generic sobject with out sort casting it into particular. So, we will use casting to have the ability to entry fields utilizing dot notation, which isn’t out there on the generic sObjects.  

Distinction between system.debug and system.assert 

  • System.debug will allow you to see the output from the apex. 
  • System.assert is utilized in check courses to verify anticipated outcomes match with precise outputs. 


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