Salesforce Integration with Google Calendar | All You Must Know

Salesforce is a well-liked Buyer Relationship Administration (CRM) platform that companies use to handle their gross sales, advertising and marketing, and buyer help actions. Salesforce offers numerous integration choices that enable companies to attach their Salesforce information with different third-party purposes to streamline their workflows and automate enterprise processes. Google Calendar is a well-liked cloud-based calendar utility that permits customers to schedule and handle their occasions and duties. On this weblog, we are going to discover how Salesforce could be built-in with Google Calendar utilizing the REST API callout. 

What’s the Relaxation API Protocol?

REST API is a broadly used protocol for web-based integrations that permits two purposes to speak with one another utilizing HTTP requests and responses. Google Calendar offers a REST API that permits builders to entry and manipulate calendar information programmatically. Salesforce additionally offers the same REST API that builders can use to entry and manipulate Salesforce information from exterior purposes. 

Learn how to Combine Salesforce with Google Calendar?

To combine Salesforce with Google Calendar, we have to create a customized Salesforce utility that makes use of the Salesforce REST API to retrieve and replace Salesforce information and makes use of the Google Calendar API to retrieve and replace calendar information. The combination could be achieved by creating an Apex class that makes REST API callouts to Google Calendar API endpoints to create, learn, replace, and delete calendar occasions. 

To create a customized Salesforce utility, we have to create a Linked App in Salesforce and authorize it to entry the Google Calendar API. We additionally must get hold of the OAuth credentials for the Google Calendar API and configure them in Salesforce. As soon as the authorization and configuration are full, we will begin constructing the combination utilizing Apex. 

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To make a REST API callout from Apex, we use the Http class that permits us to ship HTTP requests and obtain HTTP responses. The Http class offers numerous strategies to carry out completely different HTTP strategies akin to GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. To make a REST API callout to Google Calendar API, we have to assemble an HTTP request with the required headers and physique parameters and use the Http class to ship the request. 

For instance, to create a brand new calendar occasion in Google Calendar, we will use the next Apex code: 

On this code, we first create an occasion of the Http class and an occasion of the HttpRequest class. We set the endpoint URL to the Google Calendar API endpoint for creating occasions and set the HTTP methodology to POST. We then set the required headers for the HTTP request, together with the Authorization header that accommodates the entry token obtained from the Google Calendar API. We additionally set the Content material-Kind header to point that the request physique accommodates JSON information. Lastly, we assemble the request physique as a JSON string that accommodates the occasion particulars and set it because the request physique. We then use the Http class to ship the request and obtain the HTTP response. 

Equally, we will use the Http class to make REST API callouts to retrieve, replace, and delete calendar occasions in Google Calendar. 

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In conclusion, integrating Salesforce with Google Calendar utilizing REST API callout permits companies to automate their scheduling and calendar administration processes and be sure that all occasions and duties are synchronized throughout all platforms.  

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