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All You Have to Know About Recursive Triggers in Salesforce


What are Recursive Triggers?

In Salesforce, a Recursive Set off refers to a state of affairs the place a set off on an object causes one other set off to fireplace on the similar object. This may create a loop that repeats indefinitely, leading to an error message and even inflicting the system to crash. On this weblog put up, we’ll talk about the causes and penalties of Recursive Triggers in Salesforce, in addition to methods to forestall them.

Causes of Recursive Triggers

Recursive Triggers can happen when a set off on an object performs an operation that triggers one other set off on the identical object. For instance, contemplate a state of affairs the place a Set off on the Account object updates the associated Contact data. If the Contact object additionally has a Set off that updates the associated Account document, a Recursive Set off is created.

One other widespread reason for Recursive Triggers is when a Set off performs an replace on the identical document that prompted the Set off to fireplace within the first place. This may create a loop that repeats indefinitely, because the Set off continues to fireplace on the up to date document.

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Penalties of Recursive Set offs 

Recursive Triggers may cause a wide range of points in Salesforce, together with: 

  • Extreme API calls: Every time a Set off fires, it consumes API calls. If a Recursive Set off continues to fireplace repeatedly, it might probably shortly eat all obtainable API calls and trigger different integrations to fail. 
  • Efficiency points: Recursive Triggers may cause important efficiency points, particularly in the event that they contain advanced logic or massive information units. This can lead to gradual web page load occasions, timeouts, and different consumer expertise points. 
  • Information inconsistency: If a Recursive Set off creates a loop that updates the identical document repeatedly, it might probably result in information inconsistencies and errors. 

Stopping Recursive Triggers

Fortuitously, there are a number of methods that builders can use to forestall Recursive Triggers in Salesforce. Listed below are some greatest practices to observe: 

  • Use a static variable to manage Set off recursion: By utilizing a static variable, you may monitor whether or not a Set off has already fired and stop it from firing once more. This is an instance: 
public class AccountTriggerHandler { 
    non-public static Boolean isExecuting = false; 
    public static void onBeforeUpdate(Listing<Account> newAccounts, Map<Id, Account> oldMap) { 
        if (!isExecuting) { 
            isExecuting = true; 
            // Carry out Set off logic right here 
            isExecuting = false; 
  • Restrict Set off depth: To stop Recursive Triggers, you may restrict the variety of occasions a Set off can fireplace on a single object. For instance, you need to use a static variable to trace the depth of a Set off and stop it from firing after a sure variety of iterations. 
  • Use Set off frameworks: Set off frameworks like TriggerHandler or TriggerFactory will help stop Recursive Triggers by offering a standardized approach to deal with Set off logic. 
  • Check Set off logic totally: It is necessary to check Set off logic totally to make sure that it does not create Recursive Triggers. This contains unit testing in addition to testing in a sandbox or developer org. 

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Recursive Triggers may cause a wide range of points in Salesforce, together with efficiency points, information inconsistency, and API limits. Fortuitously, by following greatest practices like utilizing static variables, limiting Set off depth, and utilizing Set off frameworks, builders can stop Recursive Triggers and be sure that their Set off logic runs easily.


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