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Highly recommended appexchange packages

Gone live with Salesforce? Exploring what else is out there on appexchange? Available free and directly from Salesforce?Here’s some recommendations to fast forward your research!

Knowledge Base Dashboards & Reports By Salesforce Labs

This is a great jumpstart to learning more on the usage of articles internally and externally if you expose your articles publicly. There could be more dashboard components such as most highly rated or drilled down components on which article is most recently updated but this should save you tonnes of time instead of creating them all from scratch!

Salesforce CRM Dashboard

There’s multiple dashboard that come along with this package, my focus here is those in the service package. What I think is lacking is a dashboard for the agents themselves, letting them be accountable for their own KPI and not be lagging behind their peers in terms of CSAT score, minimum number of cases they should be working on, number of pending escalated cases etc. There is definitely differing KPIs for every company but once again, this is a great start to understand how you can leverage some of the standard case fields.

Customer Service Dashboards
· Agent Supervisor Overview Dashboard
· Service Executive Overview Dashboard
· Service KPIs Dashboard

Salesforce Adoption Dashboard

A system is nothing without people using it! I’d highly recommend this especially when you first kickstart the usage of Salesforce in the company. Weekly reports on the teams using or not using it, and having the executive sponsor of the project on top of who the top users are. You might want to think about having a wall of shame or wall of fame depending on which method works best for the company.

Salesforce Case Deflection Reporting Package for Lightning Communities

With service cloud, comes along free unauthenticated communities, it’s a quick way to expose knowledge base to the public. Naturally, exposing your knowledge base is the way to deflect the ever-increasing volume of cases coming in. What I’ve seen is that companies have to justify why it makes sense to invest in technologies such as chatbots, dedicated knowledge team to increase deflection. This package provide bullet for the return on investment and savings that you can project when you increase your digital presence and invest on the deflection technologies available. As a side note, Einstein chatbot is truly up and coming. I am looking forward to what else the Einstein team is going to add to this seamless channel. No more ugly integration between an external bot, to live agent api to agent.

Case Age In Business Hours

Out of the box, Salesforce has pretty limited stats of the case of cases. Other than the open, close date and time. Or the time you can pull out from entitlements. If you want details on which team touched the case, who is the bottle neck, is it your support team or just simply waiting on the customer, how long has the case been in each stage etc. This is the component for you. This is more than recommended, this is crucial to all support teams!

Case Age and Status Changes in Business Hours By Salesforce Labs

With the case age component above comes along a 10,000 feet analysis of the data. These two components come hand in hand. Another benefit is if your support function span multi countries/region where differing time zone and working hours come into play. Some companies have leveraged this dashboard to decide if they should be putting in pods of escalation tier instead of having their tier 3 (for example) only in HQ and delaying the time taken to resolve the case.

Good to have…

Escalation Management

A structured escalation process is vital for every support function. I would recommend this app only if your company is relatively new and do not yet have a structured process on managing this. Reason being, this app involves changing your record types and many fields get created into your case records. Your escalation process might involve creating of ticket into jira (product bug) where the users might not be on Salesforce etc. While I find this a great kick start package, I would review the fields that comes along with this package and whether your team is structured in a way to leverage this.

Utility Bot

The use case of this package is for a utility company where there has been an outage. My thoughts are this is a great start if bots is new to your company, and you are wondering how to deflect the frequently asked questions without the transfer to any agent. It gives some good examples on how the pre-configured pre-chat forms, bots conversations give you a good guide to how the dialogs, menus, sub-menus work together. This coupled with a salesforce bot accelerated should make anyone proficient in Salesforce Einstein bots!

Salesforce Knowledge Global Search and Replace (Release 2.0)

As the number of knowledge articles in your company grows, there is bound to be articles where mass changes have to be made. For example, the branding name for a certain product line changed internally, one would have to go through each and every article to make the changes, and imagine doing the same for each translated article as well! This is a mass update tool to edit strings of text for all the articles at the same time. I thought I would highlight this awesome tool or even to keep at the back of your mind. Saving anyone out there the pain of editing text one article at a time J

I would definitely refine this list as more packages get released into appexchange. Happy to hear your feedback on what’s great or should be removed from the list above!



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