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Are you leveraging all of Salesforce mobile apps?

Salesforce (ex-Salesforce1) is not the only app that Salesforce has available for customers. Do you know them all? Here is some you might have missed out, perhaps its time for a folder on your phone for all these apps? I put together my thoughts and why you should have these apps in your pocket. Detailed information is available on the app store!

  1. Salesforce

Have access to all your CRM apps, data straight from here! Ideally, your administrator should have set up the quick actions for the objects you used. Have frequently accessed tabs right there pinned at the top. Its an awesome app to have for quick search on contacts, accounts, quick input of tasks, activities. And! Having access to the dashboard on the go let’s you get back to your boss without opening up your desktop. 🙂

2. Salesforce Authenticator

Salesforce Authenticator is a two-factor authentication app, adding an extra layer of security to protect your Salesforce data. Even if hackers steal your password, they can’t log in, because they don’t have your mobile device with Salesforce Authenticator installed on it. And this is available free! Your administrator would just have to set it up, i definitely recommend this if your people travels around and the possibility of losing the laptop is high. Your IT team will love this extra layer of security!

3) Salesforce Inbox – Paid

Powered by Einstein! It uses AI to mostly help the sales team sell smarter, with recommendations on next steps. Logging emails to the opportunity or contact becomes a breeze with this app. Setting up meetings with multiple different parties is also easier as you can set up the time slots and all participants need to do is click on their available slots.

4) Einstein Analytics – Paid

Did you know they have multiple versions of Analytics, Sales/Service/Platform? Each has a template of dashboards available for just for the specific function. The template is great for service analytics, you can of course create your own dashboards but the templates make it so much easier for a start. Service Analytics also has template dashboards from Field Service Lightning as well! What makes this great is the components are actionable, and you can answer your own questions by filtering, changing your views from table to pie charts etc.

5) Salesforce Events

Salesforce has major events eg World Tour, Dreamforce with lots of breakouts, partner events etc. It can get overwhelming trying to figure out where the room is, what you want to go for. This app allows you to keep track of all the events, have a personalised agenda builder so you can bookmark those you are keen to go for.

6) Salesforce Administrator

What’s this? This is an app just meant for Admins! Ever had to pull out your laptop, VPN in just to reset the password for your employee? Or someone decides to leave the company and IT asks of you to freeze their account while you’re out at lunch? This apps solves the issue! An app for you to do your job even when you’re not in front of the laptop.

7) Salesforce Service Cloud

Want a more specific and lighter weight app specifically meant for Service Cloud? This is it! You can create, assign, update and manage cases easily with this app. Bulk actions, manage case lists is difficult on Salesforce app. But this is really meant for cases.

8) Field Service Lightning – Paid

Offline app for workers on the go? This app was built from scratch and made to be offline first. Viewing your service appointments, going through your work order line items, having customer sign off on the service appointment… All in an optimised interface. And getting better with every release, this is a great app. And i must say Field Service Lightning from Salesforce is getting really exciting.

9) Quip – Paid

Initially i thought this seemed more like a google spreadsheet replacement, and then Salesforce started integrating Quip to the platform. Boom! This is another area for you to collaborate with the team, especially a working document. You can even pull out reports into Quip. So much you can do in a much more user friendly interface than before. Give it a try, individual usage is free. And did i mention its synced on all your devices?



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