Most Popular Salesforce Chrome Extensions 2019

Salesforce simplified chrome extension is made for salesforce developer to ease their each day life by sharing helpful knowledge factors simply accessible on high of the UI.

That is no exception for Salesforce, as there are various nice Salesforce Chrome Extensions to select from to assist in your function.

Development Tools

Salesforce Inspector

An extension to add a metadata layout on top of the standard Salesforce UI to improve the productivity and joy of Salesforce configuration, development, and integration work.

Salesforce advanced Code searcher

Enables you to quickly search through your instances Apex classes, triggers, Visualforce pages and components.

Salesforce DevTools

Powerful toolkit for Salesforce developer, includes Objects reference, ERDs, Apex code generator, Query Editor, and others.

Salesforce Lightning Inspector

The Salesforce Lightning Inspector opens up and improves your Lightning Component development, giving you access to a wealth of data about your running applications and components.

Salesforce Change Set Helper

Change set with sort, view all, and additional information, such as last modified date. Allows comparison with other orgs.

Salesforce Workbench Tools for Google Chrome™

Google Chrome™ extension for logging into Salesforce Workbench from an active Salesforce session. Extension to log you into the Salesforce Workbench in one click from Google Chrome. This is not the Workbench itself.

Salesforce Developer Tool Suite

Suite of tools like Debug log viewer, which loads without any authentication or ask for user name or password.

Salesforce Enhanced Code Searcher

By using the advanced quick find you can get your code few clicks shorter. Also, you can search any string your code

Record and Metadata Comparator for Salesforce

Compare Object Metadata and it’s record values in Salesforce and see all differences in just four clicks!

Salesforce Debug Logs Analyzer

This extension adds filtering functionality for Salesforce Debug logs.

Login Management

Salesforce Logins by Synebo

Best in class solution to manage your salesforce credentials. Completely free.

ORGanizer for Salesforce

The ORGanizer Chrome Extension (BETA) lets you forget about your® username and passwords and help you to recognize® tabs on your browser. Quick Login As

Makes it easy to login as another user. Maintains the page currently being viewed.

Admin Tools

Boostr for Salesforce

Boost your admin and developer productivity on with Boostr!

Salesforce Colored Favicons

Overrides the standard salesforce favicon with one colored based on the org. Also, displays a separate icon for sandbox instances.

Salesforce Community Page Optimizer

Analyze, debug, and improve the performance of your Lightning application (Developer Preview) The Salesforce Community Page Optimizer (Developer Preview) analyzes your lightning based community/apps and identifies performance optimization opportunites. Use the information to refine your design and improve performance for your members.

Salesforce Change Set Turbo

Create change sets faster than ever! Boost your productivity with this google chrome change set helper extension!

Whitelist All IPs for Salesforce

Whitelist All IPs for a Salesforce organization Salesforce has a great security model for 2 factor authentication and trusted systems. Sometimes, however, it can be onerous.

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