Duplication Management by Record Type

From our earlier article, we spoke about what is Duplication Management, covering what is Duplication Rules and Matching Rules.

The most requested feature is allowing access to the Record Type field in the Matching Rules.

This been voted for years and we are not seeing anything done by Salesforce, please this to upvote so that we can get their attention.



Let’s talk about a scenario assuming that we want Matching Rules to works with different Record Type (Account, Partner) for the Account Object.


Understanding matching rules, they will only match up to 100 records. Therefore we will be very precise with the condition within the matching rules.

Text Field Approach <- Solution

Now for the solution, we can create a text field in the object, and set the default value to $RecordType.Name

Also, remember to set this as read-only for everyone.


Why not formula field

Formula Field is evaluated on demand, therefore this is not going to work here.

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