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All About Apex Set off in Salesforce | Be taught How you can Create a Set off


Set off is a chunk of code which executes or fired at any time when a document is created, edited or deleted. It’s an idea of automation processes and fixing complicated eventualities. These are saved procedures that are executed at any time when any specific occasion happens. We are able to carry out customized actions earlier than or after document modifications to Salesforce information. 

For instance, they’re used to carry out operations resembling modifying associated information or limiting sure operations. They’re additionally used to execute SOQL and DML or name the customized apex technique. 

These are used to carry out duties which might’t be performed by point-and-click instruments within the Salesforce person interface. Triggers are lively by default which implies Salesforce mechanically fires lively triggers when the required database occasions happen. 

Set off Syntax

set off TriggerName on ObjectName(set off occasions){ 
    //Code block 

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Apex triggers are of two sorts: Earlier than and after which can hearth earlier than or after inserting the information into the database respectively. 

  • Earlier than Set off – It’s used to replace or validate document values earlier than we save them into the database. 
  • After Set off – It’s used to entry area values that are set by the system and to have an effect on the modifications in different information. These information are read-only. 

A Set off executes the next operations: 

  • Insert
  • Replace
  • Delete
  • Merge
  • Up
  • Undelete

Steps to Create a Set off

  1. Within the developer console, go to File then New then click on Apex Set off.
  2. Enter any identify in your set off instance myFirstTrigger, then choose Contact for the sObject. Click on Submit.
  3. Write your code. For instance:
    Set off myFirstTrigger on Contact(earlier than insert){ 
        system.debug(‘Hi there World!’); 
  4. To avoid wasting, press Ctrl+S.
  5. To check a set off we have now to create an account.
  6. Click on Debug then Open Execute Nameless Window.
  7. Within the new window, add the next after which click on Execute.
    Contact CT = new Contact (lastName = ‘Check Set off’); 
    Insert CT;

Set off Context Variables

Utilizing Set off Context Variables 

  1. IsExecuting – It returns true is the present context of the apex code is set off.
  2. IsInsert – It returns true if set off is fired as a result of insert operation.
  3. IsUpdate – It returns true if set off is fired as a result of replace operation.
  4. IsDelete – It returns true if set off is fired because of delete operation.
  5. IsBefore – It returns true if set off is fired earlier than saving any document.
  6. IsAfter – It returns true if set off is fired after saving any document.
  7. IsUndelete – It returns true if set off is fired after a document is recovered from the Recycle Bin.
  8. New – It returns an inventory of recent variations of sObject information.
  9. Outdated – It returns an inventory of previous variations of sObject information.

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Bulk Set off

All triggers are Bulk triggers by default and may course of a number of information at a time, Bulk triggers can deal with each single document updates and bulk operations together with:

  •  Knowledge Import 
  •  Lightning Platform Bulk API calls 
  • Mass actions for document modifications 
  • Recursive Apex strategies and triggers which invoke Bulk DML statements 

Set off Exceptions

Set off can be utilized to forestall DML operations from occurring by calling the addError() technique on a document or a area. When used on Set information in insert and replace triggers, and on Set off.previous information in delete triggers, the customized error message is displayed within the software interface and logged. 



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