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All You Have to Know About Lightning-tabset and Lightning-tabs in Salesforce


What’s a Lightning-tabset?

A Lightning-tabset represents an inventory of tabs. A lightning-tabset shows a tabbed container with a number of content material areas, solely one among which is seen at a time. 


<lightning-tab label="Merchandise One"> 
One Content material ! 
<lightning-tab label="Merchandise Two" title="2nd tab prolonged title"> 
Two Content material ! 
<lightning-tab label="Merchandise Three"> 
Three Content material ! 


Tabs are displayed horizontally inline with the content material proven beneath them, by default. Use tabs to separate data into logical sections based mostly on performance or use case. 

A tabset can maintain a number of lightning-tab parts as a part of its physique. By default, the primary tab is activated. 

The variant attribute can be utilized to alter the look of a tabset. The variant attribute might be set to default, scoped, or vertical. 

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Why and When to make use of a Lightning-tabset? 

  • A lightning-tabset permits customers to simply change between tabs to carry out duties with out leaving the web page. 
  • Assign a default tab based mostly on crucial use case for the web page. 
  • We do not suggest utilizing tabs to outline a linear, ordered course of since every tab features independently of the others. 
  • A lightning-tabset doesn’t presently help mobile-oriented tabs. This part doesn’t regulate the tab styling when there are two or extra instantly adjoining tab units on cell. 

Variants in Lightning-tabset 

Apply styling to your content material by grouping it utilizing the variation attribute. 

  • Default: Creates world tabs by utilizing default. The content material of the tab that was beforehand chosen is changed when you choose a brand new tab. The default variation tab encloses the fabric beneath it with out bodily enclosing it. 
  • Scoped: Scoped creates a tab set that has a closed container with an outlined border. Scoped tabs are helpful for stacking a number of tabbed sections, the place you need to change solely a portion of the content material displayed. While you click on these tabs, the content material on the backside stays the identical whereas the content material on the high modifications for the exercise. 
  • Vertical: Vertical resembles the scoped variant in look, however the tabs are organized vertically to the aspect as an alternative of on the highest. 

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What are the lightning-tabs? 

A Lightning-tab is a single tab in a tabset part. 

A lightning-tab part retains associated content material in a single container. The tab content material shows when a person clicks the tab. Use lightning-tab as a baby of the lightning-tabset part. 

This part inherits styling from tabs within the Lightning Design System. 

Use the label attribute to specify the tab’s textual content label. 

To show an icon at first of the label, use the icon-name attribute. Present different textual content for the icon utilizing icon-assistive textual content. 

To show an icon on the finish of the label, use the end-icon-name attribute. Present different textual content for that icon utilizing end-icon-alternative-text. 

Specify the show-error-indicator attribute to show an error indicator within the tab after the label. If an finish icon is current, the error indicator is displayed after the icon. 


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